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Plastic Armless chair mould manufacturer

AIC  mould is plastic injection mould manufacturer from plastic mould town of China, We specialized in making different type of pallet molds, crate moulds,bulk container moulds,

chair molds, housewares molds and so on.

Our Advantage of:
1.Customized mould making according to customer's requirements
2.Experienced group for part&Mould design
3.On-time delivery
4.Advanced Equipment
5.One-year-warranty for each mold

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Plastic Armless chair mould manufacturer

AIC mould is one professional plastic moulded furniture mould manufacturer.We offer different size,shape and design of Chair mould according customer's requirements. AIC mould have experience on Arm and armless chair mould, nice design chair mould, adult chair mould, children chair mould, PC and PS chair mould.

Moulded outdoor chair molds are a large area of plastic molds. From the very beginning of the ordinary armless chair to the current stylish and advanced plastic chair design, mold can be used to achieve production. The high-end outdoor chair mould is one of the main products of AIC Mould in these two years. In view of the customer's needs, AIC Mould helps customers achieve high-efficiency production and ensuring the customer's market demand through chair molds design, manufacturing and maintenance.

Key Features are :

Chair molds with perfect cooling channel system;

Experienced designer design great chair mould ;

At the same level, the high-quality steel will be used;

AIC mould has many  years of experience on the research,design,manufacture and sales of plastic molds.With years of development,we have formed our own characteristic in mould design and manufacture.Most of the molds have been exported to Europe ,USA,Middle East,Australia,India and Asia area.Till now AIC mould has served customers in more then 25 countries worldwide.

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